Dunfermline Wargames Club

Games We Play

Pretty much everything historical plus a few that aren't.  Latest favourites are Command and Colours, Chain of Command, Mars Attacks, 6th Edition Ancients, Flames of War, Dragon Rampant and Saga.  That's only a few though.  Check our facebook page for more up to date reports.

We are back!

Now that the pandemic is being ignored we are meeting regularly as a club again in Dunfermline.   


About Us
Our club now meets at Baldridgeburn Community Centre in Dunfermline once a fortnight on TUESDAY evenings from 18.30 to 21.30. Please check our Facebook Page or alternatively our forum for confirmed dates. 


Club Meetings FB Link 


We do lots of wargaming and although the focus is mainly on historical gaming, we do lots of fringe stuff too.

Membership is a simple process of turning up on the night and paying a small fee per player. This covers the hire of the hall and a little extra for terrain and to make up any shortfall for when the club is quiet.


Please note that you MUST be aged 18 or over to attend our meetings. Our officers cannot be responsible for minors due to government restrictions on clubs and voluntary organisations.  

Club Gallery